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hospital bed / 15/08/2019

What Is a Manual Hospital Bed 4 Crank?

5 function manual crank hospital beds

Is the cheaper hospital bed with trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg available ?

Yes,kangli as a leader of top hospital bed companies have already designed and launched two production line of manual crank system hospital bed featured with icu hospital bed adjustment function of trendelenburg.

This top rated hospital beds is cheaper price but with the feature of trendelenburg,it is a type manual crank hospital bed system that adjust the knee,back,height,trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg.

top hospital beds
top hospital bed specifications

So this top rated hospital beds is 5 function adjustment.It is can be application of in home hospital bed nursing purpose and profession hospital ward.It is a great of cheap hospital bed for sale design once need the function of trendelenburg.

top manual crank hospital beds

The other type of manual crank hospital bed with trendelenburg is foldable aluminum alloy side rails,it is equipped with premium central locking braking system.

manual crank hospital bed equipment
Type Manual crank hospital bed trendelenburg
Size Overall size: L2150mm×W980mm×H480mm-700mm
 Function Backrest lifting angle : 0-85°
Kneerest lifting angle : 0-45°
High-low adjustment between : 480-750mm
Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg 12°
 Standard device 1 pair engineering plastic ABS head and foot boards,detachable
1 pair aluminum alloy beside rails,foldable
4 piece dia 150mm,central locking system with locking pole
4 piece IV drip holes
4 piece drainage bag hooks

Is it heavy duty loading available ?

yes,it is a bariatric hospital bed.

Why choose us

kangli is direct medical bed factory,we have profession mechanism design technician,each kinds of adjustable medical bed can be operation without energy-trouble.All adjustable hospital medical bed adjustment is flexible and smart design.