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facebow dental articulators
dental online store / 12/11/2019

Why You Never See Facebow Dental Articuator Work that Actually Works

Basic principle of the artex articulators

Lightweight, strong, efficient and easy to operate

3 stations prevent tipping

The total internal height: 126MM – large working area, ample model installation space.

The reliable reproduction of the median relationship ensures that the start and end positions of each movement are safe.

Check the static bite position.

The occlusal surface average mark.

The front has a scale and can be adjusted (-5MM + 10MM)

Fully dental kit

  • Fully adjustable dental articulator 1pc
  • Artex dental facebow 1pc
  • dental row guide 5pcs
  • seat 1pc
  • dental artex transfer stand 1kit
  • tools box 1pc

Feature of the fully adjustable artex cr articulator

condyle adjustment between -15 to 60

Belter adjustment between 0 to 20

Scorpion center,quick locking

Any pin is easy to adjust facebow

Benet angle adjustment

  • light weight, durable, efficient and high precision,
  • easy to operate
  • 3 stations prevent turning to “scorpion”, the center is quickly locked
  • the average conflicting degree is set at 35 degrees
  • the adjustment range of the Belt angle is between 0-20 degrees

Teleportation side shift adjustment

  • Landscape adjustment of blue button
  • Using tools to release the screw

Mandibular front or head movement adjustment

Adjust the movement position

Rotate the knob

Guide needle to the height to 0

artex facebow dental accessories:
Universal switch,condyle pointer,fastening rod,Plastic articulator,fixed screw,nose pads,external auditory canal

fully adjustable dental articulator artex cr
dental facebow artex

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