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dental lab supplies / 29/06/2019

Artex BN Articulators Calibration on Dental Lab Center

It becomes very easy for the dentist and dental laboratory station for the model restoration communication.

The purpose of precision of dental technician equipment calibration is such that deviations can be brought down to below 10 μm,So that the patient can get the very specific and satisfied restoration result,of course there will be never complaints from patients any more.

The function dental facebow articulators we design is the similar as amann girrbach bn artex dental articulator;however,It presents excellent precise funtional orthodontic model base formers production in dental laboratory with great prices for dental lab technician.

Is it compatiable with the amann girrbach artex system?

artex bn articulator

Yes,it is 100% similar design as the artex bn articulators calibrated.Therefore both the dentist and dental laboratory can save a financial budget,however;it presents the good and specific restoration performance.

Feature of type artex dental articulators
a,adjustable functional components made from aluminium and stainless steel;
b,Fullfilled via magnetic mounting base plate;
c,Fixed condyle with a 19 mm path radius
d,Fixed average sagittal condylar path inclination of 35°
e,Fixed Bennett angle of 15°
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