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teeth whitening
dental supply / 28/07/2021

How does teeth whitening work?

Gentle teeth whitening by specialized dentists

Our teeth are also getting “older” and discolored over time. Natural teeth are also in the rarest of cases of pure white color. Mostly they are ivory to light yellow, in the posterior region of the teeth they are sometimes almost dark yellow. Young people often have even lighter teeth, but with increasing age the natural color changes due to various influences, such as the effects of coloring agents from food and luxury foods, from medication or from “dead” teeth. With these, the nerve of the tooth has perished and the teeth turn gray. Bleaching, i.e. the bleaching of teeth by dentists, is one way of lightening the tooth color by several shades.

Outsmart nature with gentle bleaching

Radiant, bright teeth have a positive effect and make people look younger and more vital. The desire of many patients for light-colored and white teeth is also increasing due to role models in film and television.

Special toothpastes and pastes can only have a superficial effect here. Strong brownish and yellowish discolouration from tea and nicotine, on the other hand, must be treated with other methods. Bleaching, the gentle whitening of individual teeth or entire rows of teeth by the dentist, has proven itself here for many years.

During bleaching, different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide solution are applied to the teeth, which whiten the tooth enamel. This can be done using dental splints with whitening gel, which are worn at night and are suitable for whitening entire rows of teeth. Individual discolored teeth are treated individually in the dental practice.

Treatment at the dentist in the whitening practice

Patients who are not satisfied with their natural tooth color or who would like to have their teeth treated with unsightly discolorations can turn to specialized whitening dental practices in their area.

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