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orthopedic bed
hospital bed / 15/08/2021
If you have knee osteoarthritis, you must not only exercise, but also be able to move!

Knee osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease characterized by the degeneration and destruction of articular cartilage and secondary bone hyperplasia caused by various reasons, and its progress is slow. The main manifestations are redness, swelling, and pain in the knee, soreness, and discomfort in the knee during activity, as well as swelling, snapping, and effusion […]

nursing assistant duty when work
hospital bed / 13/08/2021
What are nurses’ clinical skills?

01 Improve self literacy At work, nurses should pay attention to establishing good professionalism. First of all, we must be competent at the job, this is the foundation. Take your work seriously and seriously, don’t care about conditions, don’t worry about gains and losses, you can’t have important tasks, you can lose the chain at […]

electric medical beds for home use
hospital bed / 06/08/2021
What do you need to know about hospital beds before making your choice?

Whether for hospice, postoperative recovery, or home care, a hospital bed can help both reduce the patient’s suffering and help the caregiver. Hospital beds are used in homes, hospitals, and hospices, helping the sick, injured or elderly people bedridden to rest comfortably.Different types of hospital beds There is no universal bed that can be used […]

nursing assistant duty when work
hospital bed / 28/04/2021
What You Should Know About A Nursing Assistant

Health Care Assistant Job requirement is growing fast as hospitals need staff for aged patients, either suffering from a disease or not so that they get good care. According to a report, the population aged over 50 is predicted to rise to 38.6% in England by 2029. So whether you are looking for health care assistant […]

children hospital beds
hospital bed / 14/06/2020
Usefull Attention of Hospital Bed Kinds in Nursing Care

Hospital is a place where there are many people,there will be full of sound,smelly,talking etc among people.Adult people will experience it,however if the kids are going to hospital and need to stay in hospital several days to make a recovery.There are things we need to consider it. In hospital,it may happen that there is no […]

hospital bed / 03/01/2020
Hospital Bed After Sales Service from KANGLI MEDICAL

Hospital bed service Kangli medical hospital bed companies have completed another hospital bed project.It is the movable hospital bed 2 cranks. It is based on the original design of the manual two crank hospital bed,it adds 2pcs steelless crossbar on the head and end of hospital bed supporting leg.This guarantee the heavy duty of patient […]

hospital bed / 03/01/2020
What Is Manual Hospital Bed Three Crank

What is 3 crank hospital bed? Hospital bed 3 cranks adjustable function is back,knee as well as the whole height up and down,it is realized via the manual crank to control the hospital bed adjustment position. How does the hospital bed adjustment function achievement? There is 3pc independence of pneumatic components under the hospital bed board frame,when […]

hospital bed / 03/01/2020
Simple Manual Hospital Bed Two Cranks Products Specification

Hand crank hospital bed A new outlook kinds of manual hand crank hospital bed has been launched,it is designed by the hospital customized requirement. It is 2 crank simple manual hospital bed,aluminium full length side rails design,4pcs independent castors,detachable hospital bed head and end board. It is also can be application of nursing home care bed […]

hospital bed assemble
hospital bed / 03/01/2020
Yes, It Is Easy to Make the Hospital Bed Assembly

How to make the hospital bed assembly Recently,kangli hospital bed company have already completed the hospital bed installation under the guideline of the hospital service contract request.The project is two crank hospital bed with 2pcs tuck away side rails,more over there are additional of hospital furniture list of hydraulic overbed table hospital dining table,hospital beside table,and […]

hospital bed / 22/11/2019
Master (Your) Hospital Bed Weight in 5 Minutes A Day

The reason of bariatric hospital bed application need  As we all notice that the basket ball players have strong health and large size body,in our daily life,there are few persons who do the normal work same as us,however they are large dimension of body and heavy duty weight. So the hospital ward nursing care issue […]