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hospital bed / 02/08/2019

Best Prices of Hospital Bed Companies in China

Kangli medical company have already achieved great success and sales records in china domestic market.As a top quality hospital beds companies in china,we currently transfer focus on global market offering the distributors great offers of hospital beds cheap products.

The hospital bed products accessories,kangli adopts the premium suppliers.For example the icu hospital bed is a most top rated expensive hospital medical beds prices products,as the five function adjustment of hospital bed mechanism is complex,and the original dentmark linak medical purpose powered motors offers the silently adjustment movement for backrest ,knee,integral up and down or reverse trendelenburg.

The 5 function electric hospital bed on icu application

  • Backrest up and down
icu hospital bed products
  • Keen up and down
adjustable icu electric bed
  • High and low
high low hospital bed
  • Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg
trendelenburg hospital beds


  • Four split side rail,drop down under platform
  • Hand remote control
  • Detachable head/foot board with easy lock
  • Caster diameter of 125mm with diagnoal locking
  • Bumper caster on four corners
  • Auto-counter to provide the patient from sliding onto foot end
  • With angle indicator embeded in the railing for back and trendenleburg adjustment(optional)
  • Manual CPR on both sides(optional)
  • Detachable head foot board for emergency operation
Bed Frame Electrophoresis and powder coating
Bed platform Wholly molded cold steel sleeping platform
Motor Quiet and robust electric actuators provide reliable operation
Hand remote controller of all electrically operated functions and movements
Handrails Four split side rail,drop down
Head and Foot board ABS material, detachable
Castors: Four silent duty wheels,two with brakes, φ125mm
Bumper castors Bumper castors on 4 corners of bed
Angle indicator With angle indicator embeded in the railing for back and trendenleburg adjustment(optional)
Special Features
Auto-counter function Auto-counter to provide the patient from sliding onto foot end
Mechanical CPR function Control by the CPR handles on both sides of bed to realize the CPR procedure in one step
Standard Accessories:
Head/Foot Board 2 pieces
Side Rails 4 pieces
Bed Frame 1 set
Bed Boards 4 pieces
Casters 4 pieces
IV Pole Holder 4 pieces
IV Pole 1 piece
Drainage Bag Holders 2 pieces

Except the high level requirement of hospital bed products,we also manufacture the affordable hospital beds series products series.With multiply hospital bed accessories to choose,then the hospital bed cost will be various available for distributor or clients to find a most favor option.

2 crank hospital patient bed
hospital beds on wheel

Such as the 2 crank hospital bed ,hospital bed head board,hospital bed with wheel or without,hospital castors braking system etc.With these optional hospital beds parts,the hospital medical beds prices will meet different individual requirement.

With ours high level raw material supply chains management,type of hospital bed specifications can be an arrange of combination for wholesale hospital beds option available.

Kangli will continue to keep a leader of qualified medical beds manufacturers offering the distributors wholesale hospital bed price with reliable quality assurance.