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orthodontic treatment
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How is the treatment done in the orthodontic dental practice?

Diagnosis and correction of tooth and jaw misalignment by dentists specializing in orthodontics

The practice of orthodontics deals with the diagnosis, correction and prevention of misalignment of the jaw and teeth in children and adults. The treating dentists specializing in orthodontics are dentists with specific training.

Where can I find orthodontic practices in Germany?
In the following cities and regions in Germany, you will find specialists in orthodontics for the correction of misaligned teeth and jaws:

Our orthodontic network is under construction. You will soon find a specialist in orthodontics in your city or region.

What influence do misaligned teeth have on health?

Only about 20% of the misaligned teeth and jaws are genetic, about 80% are the result of malfunctions in the chewing system, including teeth, jaw joints and mastication muscles.

Misalignment of the teeth or the jaw not only affect aesthetically, they also have an impact on general physical health. The position of the teeth has an impact on the function of the temporomandibular joints, food intake, breathing as well as head and body posture. It is the proper interlocking of the upper and lower jaw, the so-called. Occlusion, not, can cause temporomandibular joint pain, digestive problems, incorrect breathing and especially tension in the neck and back muscles. One then speaks of CMD – craniomandibular dysfunction.

Therefore, it is not only important to diagnose and correct misalignment at an early stage with well-founded TMJ treatment, but also the approach taken by the orthodontist. You should consider occlusion in connection with the physiological position of the TMJ in all orthodontic treatments.
Correcting the teeth purely on aesthetic aspects, regardless of the occlusion, can lead to disease of the temporomandibular joints and, as a result, to various CMD symptoms.

In the orthodontic practice, all measures to correct tooth and jaw misalignment should therefore be carried out by functional orthodontics.
Due to the many interfaces with the dental specialties of period ontology, prosthetics, tooth preservation and oral surgery, a good orthodontic practice works on an interdisciplinary basis with other specialists as well as with ENT doctors, speech therapists and physiotherapists.

Diagnostics in the practice of orthodontics

Before every orthodontic treatment, there is a comprehensive diagnosis. This includes the collection of general medical findings, the examination of the teeth with diagnosis of the bite situation, x-rays and the production and analysis of models of the patient’s upper and lower jaw.

What treatment methods does the orthodontic practice offer?

Modern orthodontic treatment methods can be used in children and adolescents, as well as adults, regardless of age.
In addition to conventional fixed braces or removable braces, the transparent plastic splints, so-called aligners, are becoming increasingly popular:

Aligner: The invisible braces in the orthodontic practice for adolescents and adults
In the aligner procedure, misaligned teeth, especially in adolescents and adults, are corrected using individually adapted, transparent plastic splints. These are manufactured in series up to the correct tooth position, are wafer-thin, comfortable to wear, almost invisible and therefore highly aesthetic.

Clear Aligner: The invisible braces in the orthodontic practice for adults
The clear aligner is primarily used to correct tooth alignment in adults. Here, too, it is about transparent tooth splints made of plastic, which are manufactured in series of different material thicknesses and worn until the desired result.

Information for dentists and orthodontists

There is great demand from patients with misaligned teeth and jaws, as well as CMD. If the “function” is a central topic in your orthodontic treatment, and you are interested in joining our network as an orthodontic specialist dentist, please contact us.

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