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dental supply / 04/02/2022

Why is “Dental Implant” the best way to restore missing teeth?

What are dental implants?

The dental implant is a repair method in which a biological material (implant) that is highly compatible with human bone is implanted into the alveolar bone, and a denture is made on the implant.

The implant in the alveolar bone is equivalent to the root of the tooth. It can grow together with the alveolar bone, so it can support and fix the denture outside the gum.

Dental implants have the advantages of not wearing adjacent teeth, strong chewing function, long life, and a natural and lifelike appearance.

Advantages of dental implants

  1. Strong function

It can restore the function of teeth well, and the chewing function is much better than other traditional dentures.

  1. No damage to adjacent teeth

Relying on its own artificial root for repair, it does not need to grind the healthy teeth next to it, and there is no damage to the teeth.

  1. Good retention

The artificial tooth root is tightly combined with the alveolar bone without using the clasp or braces of traditional inlays and has strong retention and stability in the oral cavity like real teeth.

  1. Natural beauty

Crowns can be made according to the patient’s face shape and the shape and color of other teeth to achieve the best overall coordination and aesthetics.

  1. Comfortable and convenient

The snap ring necessary for movable dentures is not used, there is no foreign body sensation, it is very comfortable and convenient, and it is beneficial to keep the oral cavity clean and hygienic.

  1. Long service life

Artificial dental implants can have a long service life, generally more than 40 years, and can be used for a lifetime if they are well protected.

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