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hospital bed / 03/01/2020

Hospital Bed After Sales Service from KANGLI MEDICAL

Hospital bed service

Kangli medical hospital bed companies have completed another hospital bed project.It is the movable hospital bed 2 cranks. It is based on the original design of the manual two crank hospital bed,it adds 2pcs steelless crossbar on the head and end of hospital bed supporting leg.This guarantee the heavy duty of patient laying on the hospital bed safetely.It is named as bariatric hospital bed. Here we talk about the emphasis of the bariatric hospital bed,if client have the limitation of budegt,we can desgin it as the above cases.Chances are that clients need the specific of heavy duty weight number when patient lay on the hospital bed.
electric hospital bed atuo position
 electric bariatric hospital bed with tuck away split side rails
hospital bed nursing board
hospital bed nursing board
We can design the nurse console digital display for patient weight digital display in number,so that the caregiver and nurse will  clerify the weighty of patient.It is a customized product,it takes few days to complete the clients request,as it need the electric hospital bed motors and nurse console board customization of computer program.