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children hospital beds
hospital bed / 14/06/2020

Usefull Attention of Hospital Bed Kinds in Nursing Care

Hospital is a place where there are many people,there will be full of sound,smelly,talking etc among people.Adult people will experience it,however if the kids are going to hospital and need to stay in hospital several days to make a recovery.There are things we need to consider it. In hospital,it may happen that there is no TV in front of the children hospital bed,you may company the kids reading the books,game activity to entertain.During the rest time,a good adjustable hospital bed for kids is very necessary,it can adjust the proper and comfort sleeping position for the kids. For example,the following type of children hospital bed design will adjust the contour position.

hospital bed for kids
It is two crank manual hospital bed with function of the back rest and knee up and down adjustment.The adjustment of hospital bed position is achieved by the manual crank.One is to adjust the hospital bed back up and down,while the other is for the knee adjustment position.
child hospital bed
Backrest Lifting Patients can sit up and do some daily life activities easily, lessening nursing burden for both patients and nurses. Backrest Angle: 0-80°±5°
adjustable children hospital beds
Leg up & Leg Down relax patients legs, promote legs blood circulation, preventing varicose veins and easily for legs’ daily care. Footrest Angle: 0-40°±5°
The protective side rails of hospital bed accessories will let you take easy of nursing during the kids in sleeping.There are three heightness to adjust by the gas spring. Main Features:
  1. Steel bed frame, nice and firm.
  2. Cold-roll steel bed board, solid and reliable.
  3. Steel head and foot bedside.
  4. Stainless steel fence type guard rails, hanging design, height adjustable, can be fixed up and down.
  5. Four dia. 5” castors with individual brake.
  6. Back rest: 0º-70º±2º, adjust by crank.
  7. Two ABS crank, hidden design.
  8. Steel shoe rack attached to the bed leg.
More over,you can also ask a hospital lockers beside to stock the daily life necessarity.
hospital lockers beside