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nursing assistant duty when work
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What are nurses’ clinical skills?


Improve self literacy

At work, nurses should pay attention to establishing good professionalism. First of all, we must be competent at the job, this is the foundation. Take your work seriously and seriously, don’t care about conditions, don’t worry about gains and losses, you can’t have important tasks, you can lose the chain at critical moments, and you can’t entrust important tasks. In addition, the psychological quality must be high, to withstand tempers, and to be good at maintaining inner balance. Taking the emergency department as an example, emergency nurses should strengthen their theoretical knowledge and basic first aid skills, be familiar with various first aid equipment and first aid drugs, master multi-disciplinary first aid knowledge and excellent first aid skills, and comprehensively improve their own professional quality. Must have strong physical fitness and good psychological quality.


Don’t fight unprepared battles

Take precautions and take the lead. Whether it is before the operation or before the competition, you must be fully prepared beforehand to win the opportunity.

This is especially true in places where emergency patients are rescued. Nurses are not only users of first aid equipment and medicines, but also preparers and maintainers. In normal work, the management of first aid equipment and medicines should be regulated, inspected, and maintained at any time, and recorded. Be aware of the first-aid equipment and medicines that have been checked, and take precautions before they occur. The first aid medicines and items used should be supplemented in time, and the first aid equipment that is faulty should be repaired in time to ensure that the first aid equipment, medicines, and items are in a good and standby state. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen business learning and master the use of first aid equipment and medicines.


Solidarity and close collaboration

The work of medical care is not the work of one person. It is a profession with a strong teamwork spirit. Sincere unity and close cooperation at work are the rescue work disciplines emphasized in the “Rescue Work System” and are also the normal work discipline requirements of nursing staff.

In the department, nurses should cooperate closely with doctors, correctly and strictly follow the doctor’s orders, abide by nursing operation routines, and ensure the safety of patients. At the scene of pre-hospital emergency calls, it is important to pay attention to the seamless cooperation between the two doctors and nurses, because the pre-hospital emergency environment is no better than the working environment in the hospital, and the eyes of the people are discerning. You must be cautious in your words and deeds to avoid medical errors. , Pay attention to communication methods and good timing, and remember that quarrels occur in the workplace due to disagreements, exposing loopholes in the medical care work, and creating gaps.


Establish a good nurse-patient relationship

In addition to having a good professional level and good psychological quality, nurses must also have good communication skills. At work, especially in rescue operations, they must be calm and organized and remember to be confused. Nurses should be good at empathy, feel the pain and feelings of the patient, grasp the psychology and needs of the patient, do the necessary humanistic care, speak kindly, patiently, refined, easy-to-understand to the patient and family member, and comfort the patient and family member Emotions, we must respect the privacy of patients, avoid using harsh and indifferent language, and avoid conflicts with patients and their families.


Good at observing

A nurse is a sentinel who detects changes in a patient’s condition. The nurse is the closest person to the patient and the most contact with the patient. The nurse should closely observe the patient’s vital signs, observe whether the venous access is unblocked at any time, and check whether the connections are tight. For comatose patients, must ensure unblocked breathing and observe the patient closely. If the patient’s condition changes and reports to the doctor, if the patient has a sudden respiratory and cardiac arrest, take the lead in implementing CPR treatment and take the necessary first aid measures before the doctor arrives.


Nursing safety first

There is a saying most often said by a key nurse: “As long as the nursing safety is guaranteed, everything else can be backed up.” This is also the main reason why the head nurse appreciates him. With such a nurse on duty, the head nurse can rest assured. With the improvement of people’s living standards and legal awareness, medical disputes are increasing. Therefore, nurses must have safety awareness. Objective and detailed medical records provide a legal basis for both doctors and patients to avoid unnecessary troubles.

What kind of professionalism are you worth having as a nurse?


Love and Dedication

Love and dedication is not only an important part of core values but also the top priority of nursing staff in the workplace. How can you do well if you don’t like this profession or this position? In many units, the first requirement for investigating employees is dedication, followed by professionalism. It is not a slogan that nurses love their jobs and work, it is mainly reflected in:

Recognizing that the purpose of nursing work is not only to get paid, but willingly to provide services and efforts that exceed compensation for their own career;

Happy to make personal sacrifices for work, for work, regardless of personal gains and losses.

Strive to be perfect in the work, and pay attention to every detail in the work.


Positive work attitude

As long as a person can do everything spontaneously, even if the starting point is lower than others, he will have great development. People with internal motivation will always be welcomed by the head nurse and colleagues. In clinical nursing work, it is necessary to:

From “I want to do it” to “I want to do it”;

Able to take the initiative to share some “extra” affairs for the head nurse;

Learn to recommend yourself.

What needs to be pointed out is that to maintain a positive working attitude, we must pay attention to the yardstick, and do not rush to show, show the limelight, or even grab other people’s work. This is what clinical nurses need to pay attention to.


Sense of responsibility

When the head nurse analyzes the quality of nursing, the first rule is always to put forward the nurse’s “sense of responsibility”, although this can easily make nurses feel frustrated and disgusted. But the sense of responsibility of nurses is the most precious. A person who has the courage to assume responsibility has important meaning to the department. A person can work worse than others, but he must not lack a sense of responsibility. Especially in the event of an accident, when there is an adverse nursing incident, looking for objective reasons without reflecting on oneself, it is very easy to lose the trust and affirmation of the superior.

To be a responsible nurse is mainly reflected in three points:

Do every little thing well;

Promises must be kept and action must be resolute;

Wrong is wrong, don’t make excuses.



The nursing team is the team with the strongest execution ability in the internal medicine department of the hospital. However, the quality of the team members is also uneven and superior. Only those with strong execution can stand out. Cultivating efficient working habits in clinical nursing work is the standard for excellent nurses, and it is also an aspect that every head nurse attaches great importance to. The improvement of nurses’ executive ability is mainly reflected in the following in their work:

Heartless, concentrate on;

Know how to quantify and refine daily work;

Cure procrastination.


Unlimited communication

Interpersonal communication in nursing work is too important! Whether it is interpersonal communication within the hospital or nurse-patient communication, close nurse-patient relationship and prevent medical disputes are all indispensable and important content.


Communication and gossip are two different things;

Communication must have a degree. It is a mistake not to talk and to talk too much.


Team spirit

Nursing work is work with a strong team spirit. Take a day’s work as an example. Medical staff needs to do a good job of handing over shifts and perform their duties in different shifts to complete the tasks of the day. It is difficult to sing along with one palm, even if you are exhausted, you will not be able to complete all the diagnosis and treatment work of the day. Nursing staff should put the interests of the team above all else, advance the team and retreat themselves.



Gratitude is a human virtue. No matter how talented and capable people are, they also need others to give you opportunities to do things, and they also need others to help you. Your current grades cannot be achieved by you alone. remember:

The hospital gave you a job;

Work gives you not only remuneration but also opportunities for learning and growth;

Colleague gave you cooperation in work;

The patient helped you create results;

Criticist allows you to constantly improve yourself.

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