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How to Buy a Hospital Bed for Elderly

Home care bed application necessity

Living with paralysis will be highly frequency to take care of with the caregivers or nurse nearby.A electric patient bed for home uage is very necessary nursing in home or hospital ward.

Kangli medical company produces
several kinds of home care bed available for clients to choose.The following image is the same function as the above video,only the detachable hospital bed head and end board,hospital bed side rails design is different.They are almost the same operation way.

Nursing home bed adjustable
electric home care bed backrest
home care bed turn over

Product Name Full electric hospital care bed
Leg bending angle 55 degree upward,25 degree down
Back up angle  0-85 degree
Turning over angle  0-65 degree
Motors Branded powered motors,3 years guarantee
Product size 2680*960*550mm
Bed body size 2000*900*500mm
Bed body material Steel pipe coating material
Suitable crowd The old/the paralytic/the bedridden

If you’re progressing to purchase a hospital bed or home care bed for sale in plan,during this post,we will assist you opt for the proper one.

Types of Hospital Beds

The common feature of all hospital beds is adjustability.According to this,variety of hospital bed types
are on the market. Each has its own adjustment choices and completely different options and value points. Here we will discuss the foremost widespread kinds of hospital beds out there these days.How to buy a hospital bed for elderly?

Fully electric hospital bed kangli brand type

This type of hospital bed is totally power-driven electronically and typically comes with a remote.With the
assistance of the remote,the height of the whole bed or different parts of it will be adjusted.Most beds even have buttons on the dimensions of the bed just in case the remote doesn’t work.With the remote,the patient
themselves will modify the bed. Just in case the many people have special needs that need one thing more than a regular bed.That’s the reason they ought to be given a hospital bed.Individuals sometimes
purchase hospital beds for home use for sick, aging,or disabled members of the family.They’re referred to as hospital beds as a result of they need all the options of the beds found in a very medical facility.

Hospitals beds offer identical comfort right at home to people who would like quite a conventional bed.
The use of hospital beds has been on the increase due to the increasing variety of disabled or aging
individuals are living at home and cared for by relations. this is often done to avoid the price of a professional caregiver or facility. injured individuals also generally need hospital beds, particularly in cases of a hip or leg fracture. Hospital beds are more expensive than a regular bed, the reason why many of us prefer to rent rather than shopping for one. however once you are doing not need the bed any longer, you’ll sell or gift it to somebody who wants it. Rented hospital beds are best for those that would like it for a brief while. If you’ve
got a long demand, buying a hospital bed for home porpose is cheaper.

Feature of the fully electric hospital bed

  • Aluminium alloy hospital bed rails,pushing button operates fold and open;
  • Central locking braking system;
  • Bariatric hospital bed,heavy duty loading ability;
  • Original dentmark linak or branded powered motor;
  • Knee up & down;
  • Back up & down;
  • Adjustable overall heightness high and low;
  • Backrest ,Knee adjustable;

fully electric hospital bed

  • High low adjustable

high low electric hospital bed
high low electric hospital bed
Kangli series of bariatric hospital bed
Going by the name of the bed,they’re designed to support heavyweight patients.They’re additionally totally
electric and need no manual effort to regulate the bed. The load capability of those beds is way larger than alternative hospital beds,and that they even have a wider pad space.As a result of they’re
larger,heavier,and sturdier,bariatric hospital medical beds prices series are more expensive than alternative choices and typically the last resort once a regular hospital bed cannot support the burden of the patient.

electric medical for sale

Trendelenburg hospital bed

These beds became common in recent years attributable to the adjustment choices they provide.Whether or not the patient is paralyzed,has mobility problems,is injured,or in therapy,the Trendelenburg bed offers the best variety of adjustment choices.Besides adjusting the height and therefore the foot of the bed,different parts of the bed are often individually adjusted to the most level.As an example,the foot are often inclined to the best level to match a recliner chair,and also permit zero-gravity options with the head lower than the feet.Once patients use these beds, there’s no would like for special pillows.However,the bed also needs a larger space and needs to be place during a larger area.

The Icu bed bed adjustable function

  • Backrest up and down

electric iuc bed backrest

  • Keen up and down

adjustable icu bed keen

  • High and low

high low icu hospital bed

  • Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg

icu bed trendelenburg
Among hospital beds,the trendelenburg beds have the most functionality,adjustability, and totally electrical
options,the reason why they’re also the foremost high-priced form of hospital bed.However,as a leader of medical bed supplier with qualified product in china,we have already launched an affordable hospital bed with trendelenburg feature with less priced compared with the fully electric icu bed,as it is operated by the manual crank mechanism.There is one crank specially designed for the function of trendelenburg feature!