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hospital bed / 22/11/2019

Master (Your) Hospital Bed Weight in 5 Minutes A Day

The reason of bariatric hospital bed application need  As we all notice that the basket ball players have strong health and large size body,in our daily life,there are few persons who do the normal work same as us,however they are large dimension of body and heavy duty weight. So the hospital ward nursing care issue will be occured inevitable when these heavy duty body patient involve in hospital nursing.They need a special design of nursing care bed,we call it bariatric hospital bed. This type of bariatric electric bed is equipment with the profession of hospital bed actuator which can operate the adjustment of high low knee or back free noise and efficiently even though the electric bariatric medical bed need to load the heavy duty patient which is 2-3 times heavier than normal patient. So here is the question concerned How much maximum of the full electric bariatric hospital bed loading ability that both the hospital bed equipment furniture distributor and patient or individual who want to purchase a bariatric hospital bed for home use is concerned. Kangli medical company is original hospital bed manufacturer that our normal design is 800 pound(400kg) loading ability which is higher than the drive medical company maximum loading range of 600 pound(300kg).

Does the heavy duty hospital bed reach to 1000 pound loading range or more? Yes,it is easy for kangli hospital bed factory to complete it,the hospital bed supporting leg framework will be selected as the much more thicker carbon steel to realize the extremely loading weight requirement. The bariatric hospital bed frame is high carbon steel which is 1.0mm height ensuring the loading ability of bariatric patient.
1.0mm hospital bed framework
1.0mm hospital bed framework
More importantly,targeted with the hospital bed equipment dealer whom tender budget is not sufficient,kangli medical company can complete all kinds of hand crank hospital bed as bariatric type,which is great prices of hospital bed in contrast with bariatric electric bed.
cheap price hand crank hospital bed
cheap price hand crank hospital bed
Do the related hospital product of bariatric hospital bed mattress available ? Yes,not only do we offer the affordable foam mattress for hospital bed,but also we can offer the clients paramount bariatric hospital bed air mattress that the hospital purchase need to pay at least 1400usd per set.
air mattress for hospital bed
As you offers can meet the tough parameter,is the price of kangli bariatric hospital bed for sale competitive ? Yes,best hospital bed price comparison with brand such as hill rom,drive medical,invacare etc hospital bed companies,but the hospital bed parameter is higher than the mentioned brand based on the same model and function.
heavy duty hospital bed electric
bariatric hospital style bed home use
bariatric hospital style bed home use
Whether the intensive care bed or the cheap hospital bed manual crank,the prices of hospital bed type is all good for customers. The following table is a client from dubai requirement of hospital bed parameter that our company can meet the request 100%. For example of the No 3 parameter of requirement:
Should have ability to place patient in a chair position
icu bed bariatric
icu bed one key heart chair position
It is trendelenburg position with the back and knee adjustment together as the comfort of chair position. Of course the bariatric hospital bed weight capacity of 200kg or more is included!
No Specification Yes/No
1 Electric bed with manual control in case of power failure
2 Back rest,Thigh rest & calf res adjustment,up-down movement,automatic contouring
3 Should have ability to place patient in a chair position
4 High quality wheels with breaks
5 Attached I/V pole holder and I/V pole,adjustable with two hook position
6 Bed to be complete with air mattress and air controlled pump support to be fully radio translucent,anti static and bacterial free
7 Easy decontamination
8 Bed extension
9 Trendelenburg and revers trendelenburg for emergency situations and comfort
10 CPR quick release handle
11 Brake and steer pedals accessible from all four corners of the bed
12 Mains and battery operated
13 Battery backup(please specify the working hours)
14 Integrated weighing scale
15 Bed beside cabinet and over bed table should be included in the offer
16 Weight capacity 200kg or more
17 O2 cylinder holder
18 Heavy duty hospital bed electric