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dental filling treatment
dental supply / 08/06/2022
How long does it take to fill a tooth for a dentist

How long does it take to fill a tooth? With tooth decay, I believe everyone’s first reaction is to go to the hospital to fill their teeth. However, some people may have this experience. Obviously tooth decay. Why do some people go to the hospital once to solve it, but I need to go to […]

implant dental prosthesis
dental supply / 04/02/2022
Why is “Dental Implant” the best way to restore missing teeth?

What are dental implants? The dental implant is a repair method in which a biological material (implant) that is highly compatible with human bone is implanted into the alveolar bone, and a denture is made on the implant. The implant in the alveolar bone is equivalent to the root of the tooth. It can grow […]

teeth whitening
dental supply / 28/07/2021
How does teeth whitening work?

Gentle teeth whitening by specialized dentists Our teeth are also getting “older” and discolored over time. Natural teeth are also in the rarest of cases of pure white color. Mostly they are ivory to light yellow, in the posterior region of the teeth they are sometimes almost dark yellow. Young people often have even lighter […]

aesthetic dentistry treatment
dental supply / 26/07/2021
What possibilities does aesthetic dentistry offer?

Restoration of the “red and white teeth aesthetics” by specialized dentists Studies show that when people get to know each other, first look into the eyes, then at the mouth and teeth of the other person. Beautiful and healthy teeth contribute significantly to a positive overall appearance, convey an aesthetic and well-groomed impression, and thus […]

orthodontic treatment
dental supply / 26/07/2021
How is the treatment done in the orthodontic dental practice?

Diagnosis and correction of tooth and jaw misalignment by dentists specializing in orthodontics The practice of orthodontics deals with the diagnosis, correction and prevention of misalignment of the jaw and teeth in children and adults. The treating dentists specializing in orthodontics are dentists with specific training. Where can I find orthodontic practices in Germany?In the […]

dental scaler instrument parts
dental supply / 22/01/2020
Boost Your Cleaning Teeth with These Tips

Many people choose to use scaling to remove tartar and whiten the yellowed teeth. This is really a very fast way. Scalar clean teeth can whiten your teeth, but it can also damage your gums, causing bleeding and infections. Therefore, you must be cautious when choosing to wash your teeth, find a professional and regular […]

dental supply / 11/08/2019
Digital Dental Cad Cam Technician Design and Workflow

Digital cad cam dental technology Dentist and dental lab technician should be cooperation like wise the dental articulators calibrated machsiam.Creating the diagnosis,then transfer and made the practice accordingly.All of the process can be done easily by digital dental cad cam technology.As the high technology and premium dental lab materials for sale are available for dentist […]

dental supply / 09/07/2019
Dental Root Canal Plains and Recovery Procedure

Root canal pain Teeth pain will happen in our daily life,it usually the root canal does not work or lost of the function due to the outside of environment irritates the inner nerves that cause bad cases.Therefor we should take care of the tooth once we fell the root canal pain we should seek to […]

dental supply / 06/07/2019
Benefit of Dentist Endodontist Endodontics Treatment in Dentistry Pain

Professional endodontist know all kinds of root canal files While all endodontists are dentists,less than five percent of dentists are endodontists.Just like a physician in any other field,endodontists are professionals due to the fact they’ve finished an additional two or more years of education beyond dental school.Their additional education focuses on diagnosing tooth pain and performing […]

dental supply / 01/07/2019
Communication Is Important Between Dentist and Dental Lab Technician

To complete the dentist requirement,the dental lab technician technology and expertise and communication bridge between dental lab technician and dentist should be accordingly.So that the final restoration requirement according to the dentist diagnosis from customers will be excellent end. Materials and technology come and go,however strong relationships can perpetually be a significant part of running […]