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aesthetic dentistry treatment
dental supply / 26/07/2021

What possibilities does aesthetic dentistry offer?

Restoration of the “red and white teeth aesthetics” by specialized dentists

Studies show that when people get to know each other, first look into the eyes, then at the mouth and teeth of the other person. Beautiful and healthy teeth contribute significantly to a positive overall appearance, convey an aesthetic and well-groomed impression, and thus increase attractiveness and self-confidence.

Aesthetic and functional care of the teeth is important

Everyone wants beautiful and healthy teeth. But what exactly is it that makes beautiful teeth? Tooth aesthetics means much more than dazzling white teeth standing in a row.

When it comes to providing a dental prosthesis, “nature should always be the model”. Aesthetic dentures should be individually adapted to the patient in terms of color and shape and at the same time always be functional: The optimal occlusion, the bite must be correct. Aesthetic dentistry is therefore always also “functional dentistry”.

Not only the teeth themselves, the so-called “white aesthetics”, but also the surrounding gums, the so-called “red aesthetics” are a prerequisite for beautiful and healthy teeth. In the anterior region in particular, reconstructive-aesthetic measures such as the reconstruction of lost or damaged soft tissue, e.g. B. due to periodontal disease, a major role.

Treatment in the practice of aesthetic dentistry

An important prerequisite for the care of aesthetic dental problems, such as tooth defects, discoloration or tooth gaps, is thorough aesthetic and functional treatment planning by dentists and dental technicians. They advise on suitable, high-quality and biocompatible materials, such as all-ceramic restorations with veneers, inlays, crowns or bridges; also about necessary prophylaxis measures to maintain healthy gums, as an important basis for dental aesthetics

Patients with high demands turn to specialized practices for aesthetic dentistry.

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