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hospital bed / 03/01/2020

What Is Manual Hospital Bed Three Crank

What is 3 crank hospital bed?

Hospital bed 3 cranks adjustable function is back,knee as well as the whole height up and down,it is realized via the manual crank to control the hospital bed adjustment position.

3 crank hospital bed auto position

3 crank hospital bed up

3 crank hospital bed auto position

How does the hospital bed adjustment function achievement?

There is 3pc independence of pneumatic components under the hospital bed board frame,when caregiver rocks the crank which is located at the beneath head of hospital bed board.The hospital bed position of back,knee or height will be changed up or down.Head and end of the hospital board is detachable for installation.

Is the hospital bed heavy duty loading design?

Yes,original design is 250kg limitation.If client need more loading weight requirement,such as 350kg,700lbs of loading weight.This requirement of bariatric hospital bed can be customized.We choose the thiner steelless pipe for the hospital bed parts of leg which guarantee the heavy body of patient laying on the hospital bed safely.


The manual hospital bed price is obvious lower then the automatic hospital bed electric.All of the adjustment position is handled by the hand rocking the hospital bed crank.The 3 crank manual hospital bed can not be same as the electric hospital bed one key button for auto contour position,it need the back and knee controls of crank to adjust the proper position separately for the comfort of hospital bed position.


Kangli is a manual hospital bed manufacturers in china,we design the most running two types of 3 crank hospital bed.

3 crank hospital bed adjustable

full length aluminium alloy side rails of 3 crank hospital bed

3 crank manual hospital bed specification

3 crank manual hospital bed specification

Manual crank hospital bed adjustment function

1,Head down and up;

2,End down and up;

3,Height down and up;

Both product type is a hospital bed with side rails design.There is fixed full length and tuck away split to choose according the hospital request.

Hospital bed castor can be central locking and ordinary independence type to choose.

hospital bed accessories

hospital bed accessories

Is the wholesale manual hospital bed price available ?

Yes,Minimum 20pcs,then we can manufacturer it in bulk to low the hospital bed cost.

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