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Boost Your Cleaning Teeth with These Tips

Many people choose to use scaling to remove tartar and whiten the yellowed teeth. This is really a very fast way. Scalar clean teeth can whiten your teeth, but it can also damage your gums, causing bleeding and infections. Therefore, you must be cautious when choosing to wash your teeth, find a professional and regular institution, and pay attention to some taboos after washing your teeth. Otherwise, your teeth washing may be done in vain.

What exactly is scaling your teeth?

Many people have misunderstandings about tooth clean teeth, thinking that tooth clean = brushing, thinking that as long as you brush your teeth carefully 2-3 times a day for 3 minutes each time, your teeth will be clean and there is no need to clean your teeth. I am sure to tell you that cleaning your teeth is not the same as brushing your teeth. Teeth cleaning is a dental cleaning operation and a very professional and standardized medical project.

medical dental supplies equipment for scaling
dental scaler instrument parts
dental scaler instrument parts

Ordinary brushing can only clean the tooth surface, such as food residues and soft dirt. It can also remove plaque bacteria adhering to the tooth surface. It is an important way for us to ensure oral cleanliness. However, some plaque bacteria hidden in a relatively hidden place are not the method is to use a toothbrush. After long-term accumulation, calcification will gradually occur, and dental calculus will be generated. Scalar cleaning teeth is to use professional dental supplies medical equipment. The calculus on the surface of our teeth and some stubborn stains on the teeth are removed, so brush your teeth. And washing the teeth are two completely different concepts.

After cleaning your teeth

Two weeks after scalar cleaning teeth, you should not eat cold, hot, sour, sweet and other foods. After cleaning your teeth with scalar, your teeth will be a little sensitive to cold and heat, and you will feel sore. This temporary symptom and the situation that the original brushing is easy to bleed will usually disappear in about a week. If sore symptoms persist, consider anti-allergy toothpaste on the market, which can be improved by using it for more than one month.

Those who have cleaned their teeth should try to eat less food that can be “stained”, such as soy sauce, soft drinks, wine and blueberries. At the same time, they should also smoke less. Some harder fruits or vegetables, such as apples, green beans, carrots, and celery, will “wash” teeth during chewing, promote salivation and acidic substances in the mouth, and play a role in cleaning teeth. Dairy products, especially high-calcium milk, can also whiten teeth.

After scaling your teeth, pay attention to mastering the correct brushing method, so as to effectively prevent the accumulation of calculus. Place the toothbrush at the junction of the teeth and the gingival margin so that the bristles are at a 45-degree angle with the teeth. Then rotate the brush head and brush from the top to the bottom along the direction of the teeth. Brush the lower teeth from the bottom to the top. After the tartar on the tooth surface is removed, it will slowly redeposit. Therefore, after washing your teeth, you should pay more attention to brushing your teeth frequently, morning and evening, and develop a good habit of mouthwashing after meals to keep your teeth clean and prevent calculus from depositing again.

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