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Cobalt Chrome Dental Cad Cam Disc Alloy

Dental cad cam disc is a nickel and beryllium-free chrome/cobalt. It has very good metal/ceramic bonding abilities. One of the remarkable features of dental cad cam materials is the high corrosion resistance and biocompatibility.

The cobalt chrome dental alloy disc is suitable for soldering and lasering.

dental cad cam disc

cobalt chromium alloy biomaterial cad cam dental disc is very easy to mill, homogeneous and has very good machining abilities.

By using our Co-Cr dental cad cam disc and our milling burs, one 3mm bur can mill at least 60 units, one 2mm bur can mill at least 90 units, one 1mm bur can mill at least 120 units.

cobalt chrome dental alloy physical property

1.       Hardness≥HRC20

2.       Strength of extension≥560MPa.

3.       Percentage elongation after fracture 7%.

4.       Proof strength f0.2 Rp0.2: Average 590MPa, deviation ±10%.

5.       Young modulus: Average 210GPa, deviation±10%.

6.       Coefficient of linear expansion CTE[10-6K-1]25~500℃:14.3,deviation±0.5

7.       Density 8.5g/cm3, deviation±0.5g/cm3

8.       Corrosion resistance: The total amount of metal ions is less than 200μg /cm2  for this Cobalt chrome ceramic alloy in(37±1)℃,(7.0±0.1)d when it release into the designated solution.

9.       Mental-ceramic combining strength≥25MPa

10.   Quench and thermal shock resistance

a)         Porcelain teeth made by alloy disk should have good quench and thermal shock resistance.

b) Alloy PFM products have good thermal shock resistance

Biocompatibility feature

1.         Biocompatibility and high corrosion resistance thanks to firmly adhering passive layer.

2.         Biocompatibility certified by neutral institutes

3.         Hemolysis Ratio : 0.66%

4.         No acute systemic toxicity

5.         Cytotoxicity shall not exceed Class I

6.         No oral mucous membrane irritation

7.         No delayed dermal contact sensitization

8.         No chronic systemic toxicity

9.         No genetic toxicity

10.     The alloy has high corrosion resistance:

a)         Test medium and conditions: Volume fraction of 1% HCI solution, the temperature is constant at 37 ℃, 72 hours total immersion corrosion test

b)        Test
results: in the solution after corrosion, residual solution of 1% HCL
solution has no discoloration, alloy quality unchanged before and after
corrosion test.

11. Alloy PFM products have good thermal shock resistance.

Material Composition

Element Percentage Deviation
Cobalt    – Co 61% ±2%
Chrome   -Cr 26% ±2%
Molybdenum – Mo 5% ±1%
Wolframium -Wu 6.5% ±1%
Silicon    -Si 1% ±1%
Aluminum -Al ≤0.1 %
Carbon   – C ≤0.1 %
Nickel -Ni ≤0.1 %
Beryllium – Be ≤0.02 %
Cadmium – Cd ≤ 0.02 %

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