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dental lab supplies / 16/07/2019

Biocompatible Dental Alloy Product

Dental cobalt chrome alloy

It is a biocompatible,nickel & beryllium free for application of dental laboratory ceramic restorations.

Feature of casting dental alloy product

1. Biocompatibility and high corrosion resistance thanks to firmly adhering passive layer.

2. Biocompatibility certified by neutral institutes

3. Has no cytotoxic potential and causes no skin irritation or allergic sensitisation

4. Modulus of elasticity doubles that of precious metals

5. Outstanding bonding strength with ceramics

6. High heat resistance

7. Low thermal conductivity

8. Optimized for laser welding

9. Constant high level of quality thanks to quality assurance system

10. Worldwide approved quality.

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Technique parameter

Melting Range 1290-1370°C Cobalt 61%
Yield Strength 530 MPa Chrome 25%
Elongation 4% Molybdenum 6%
Density 8.5(g/cc) tungsten 5%
Coefficient of the Liner Expansion (25-500°C) 14.1 X 10-6K-1 Others <3%

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