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electric medical beds for home use
hospital bed / 06/08/2021

What do you need to know about hospital beds before making your choice?

Whether for hospice, postoperative recovery, or home care, a hospital bed can help both reduce the patient’s suffering and help the caregiver.

Hospital beds are used in homes, hospitals, and hospices, helping the sick, injured or elderly people bedridden to rest comfortably.
Different types of hospital beds

There is no universal bed that can be used in every situation. Hospital beds have been used since 1815. so far, the first models were stationary, without side partitions, and adjustable.

Today, there is a wide variety of models that offer individual adjustment of the position, wheels for movement, side partitions for greater safety, as well as raising the height for the convenience of patient care staff.
Here are some types of hospital beds:

Hospital bed with manual mechanism – the manual crank hospital bed is adjusted to the comfortable position for the patient through special handles/mechanisms. And here you can choose different models – from the simplest – only with lifting in the head area, to more complex models with functions for lifting the head, legs, as well as the ability to adjust the height or inclination.

The advantage of these models is that they are relatively low cost, but require manual labor to adjust the appropriate position.

Electric hospital bed – in these models all operations related to the adjustment of the comfortable position of the bed for the patient are performed by means of a remote control button or a control panel on the bed itself, The ICU bed, or Trendelenburg bed type is the most application of electric bed in the hospital.

These models can also be varied with different functions – raising the head and legs, raising the height, and tilting the whole bed at an angle/position Trendelenburg-Antitrendelenburg /.

Semi-electric bed – here the functions are distributed as follows: the head is legs are raised by an electronic machine with a remote, but the height is adjusted by a manual mechanism.

Hospital beds for home care – these are models that are designed to look more like a regular bed. They can be both mechanical and electrical.

The main functions and attachments for the above types of hospital beds are:


Lifting a section at the head
Lifting the sections at the lower leg
Raising height
Lifting the base at an angle - trendelenburg / antitrendelburg
Side partitions
Infusion stand
The choice of features and attachments depends on your judgment of the needs of patients or your loved ones in need of a hospital bed.

Although hospital beds may look the same and have similar prices, there are different models that have different functions and their careful consideration is necessary to maximize the comfort of both the patient and the attendant.

Useful hospital bed purchasing and tips

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